Monday, September 24, 2007

Guess What Season it is... HOCKEY!

Can you believe that it is already hockey season? I can't! And let me tell ya, I'm not sure that I'm ready for it but i have no choice!! Taylor is on the PEE WEE Rep team again, so that means more traveling again... We wasted no time in traveling this year! We started off with a tiering tournament which took us to the west side for 3 days and 5 games. When we had a long time between games we tried to make it worthwhile for the younger sibs - so we went to the pacific Science center. Here are a few pics of that...

Here is a video of one of the goals Taylor has made this season. He has a great line - and is a thrill to watch!! We are so proud of him! You can hear Lance in the background b/c he's not helping with coaching this year :):):):):) I am thankful to be able to enjoy the games with him but i know that is has been extremely hard for Lance not being involved in the coaching department:( Taylor's number 9.

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