Friday, June 22, 2007


Here are a few pictures of Brayden at 1 of his track meets! Yes! My little bundle of energy loves to run!!! He has been doing a track camp at Kamiakin a few nights a week - he has really been enjoying it! Once a week he can attend a track meet too- At his first meet, he was 2nd in the 50m dash and 3rd in the 400m dash, he also threw the javee and the shot put. At the next meet he was 2nd in the 50m hurdles - although they were the very small hurdles, Brayden has such great form that he could do the regular hurdles but not very many other kids can do that, so they don't use them for his age:( He also got 2nd in the 800m run and i think he must of gotten 1st place at the running long jump with 8ft 5 inches in his age group! As you can see, he has really been enjoying himself! And it great because he is able to release some of the ENERGY!!! :):)

Here is Brayden's (or DI DI, as she calls him) # 1 FAN!!

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