Friday, June 15, 2007

Brayden's Sparring Tournament

Well... last weekend was quite an eye opening experience:) Brayden wanted to do a local sparring tournament and we said "okay"... After about 2 minutes of the first "match" we realized that we had just signed up our kid for a kick boxing fight - GREAT!!! We were thrilled - NOT!!! He was a trooper and did not quit or want to quit! and God answered our prayers and he was evenly matched against his opponent - he ended up tying him and had a tie breaker match that B. lost - which was okay b/c that meant that he didn't have to fight anymore:):) There were 3 other events and each one had less contact involved so it eventually got better. We spent about 7 hours there at the gym - it was a very long day! but it was an experience we'll never forget - that's for sure!!! I have some video that i hope to post later but for now here's a picture of B. in his gear:)

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