Friday, June 08, 2007


My big boy is now in Middle School!! I can't beleive how fast they grow! It just amazes me that Taylor is now in 6th grade - he is getting to be such a big boy... On Tuesday he had his 11yr. Well visit with his Dr. to get his shot needed for middle school and they measured him at 60 3/4 inches!! He's probably going to be taller than me before i know it!!

Anyway, almost the last day of school his school had what they call a 5th Grade Breakfast - it is basically a special program that the parents put together for the 5th graders as their "good bye party" I had so much fun helping with it! We had an American Idol theme and it was a blast! I think the kids really enjoyed it too - so here are a few pics of Taylor with his buddies and his class.

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