Monday, March 19, 2007


We originally went to Seattle for the weekend for Taylor to play in his State PNAHA Squirt Rep Tournament - we stayed at our very good friend's house (Trisha, Jeff & Josh). Taylor's team did okay - they won 1 out of 4 games and took home 3rd place in the League! Wouldn't you know it i took my camera and did not use it all weekend:( but i hope to have some pics of Taylor up on the website soon taken from the professional photographer that was there...

Friday night we found out that the Wiggles were in concert in Everett - the Wiggles is Hayleigh's ABSOLUTE favorite!! So gramma B., Brayden and I took Hayleigh and we all had a great time!!!

Sunday was a beautiful day in Seattle (and i hear it was even nicer at home...) so Brayden chose to go to the zoo - we had a great time. Trisha's family joined us too. This was Hayleigh's first visit to the zoo - well, actually she went to a zoo the day after we got her in China but she slept through it all... :):) Hayleigh was ecstatic - she was jumping up and down and just full of excitement seeing all of the animals - it really was a great day! Brayden and Taylor were our navigators and led us all around - it was so much fun:)

Now we are finally done with hockey for Taylor (and Lance). Taylor (and Lance) just have baseball now and Brayden just has Karate - whew...

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