Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January Update!

Well the past few weeks have been busy (as usual) I'm not sure when we aren't busy!!! Anyway - we had an added fiasco... The day after Lance turned 36!! we had snow - it just wasn't your usual fun flaky snow - it was SLIPPERY snow!! And Lance can attest to that:) I think he is regretting not listening to his 10yr old when he insisted that they should stay home from hockey practice that slippery Tuesday night. But NO - Taylor can't miss hockey (or is it that Lance can't miss hockey? - i'm not sure who loves it more:):) hehe) So, they went off to practice in Lance's little "sporty" car and he ended up being a "victim" of the dreaded "round-a-bout" intersection which was 100 ft. away from the rink! Apparently he went too fast around it but he TOTALLY denies ever driving too fast:):) Anyway, after $2500 worth of damage we hope to get his car back today or tomorrow...

Brayden also had his first Basketball Game on the 20th! He did such a great job! Last year he didn't even want to touch the ball but this year he is really trying hard - he even made a basket at his game last weekend!! He is really enjoying having his dad coach his team with his buddies from school:)

Taylor is doing great with hockey!! He was just voted to be captain of his team - we are so proud of him! He is on the rep team for his age division and is the starting center - He is a real leader on and off the ice and works hard!

Lance was appointed to coach a Major team for baseball this spring - Taylor was thrilled (as was Lance). The only (kinda) bummer is that the league won't let him coach Brayden's Rookie team - however, i'm okay with that (less to schedule) and Brayden has decided to take this season off. Brayden wants to have some time off before he tries to do track this summer! He is such a fast little bugger!! He's really excited to run!!!

Hayleigh has been really sick this past week. It was the first time that she had a fever and boy it was a doozy! For 3days!! She ended up with Strep throat and Bronchiolitis. She is still recovering...

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