Saturday, December 23, 2006

I was hoping to get this posted much earlier - better late than never:)

We sincerely hope that you have a blessed Christmas – and find joy in celebrating the birth of jesus Christ.

God has answered prayers and blessed us so much in 2006 – here are some of the ways that he has worked in our lives this year:
• Kirsten got a job teaching Hayleigh’s preschool class in January
• Our neighbor bought our house and we moved to a bigger home and an awesome neighborhood which is close to the kid’s schools and gramma and grampa Beecher
• Taylor’s hockey team got 2nd place in their state championship
* Taylor is playing on the Squirt Rep hockey team again this year and has been a good leader on the team. We are proud of him!
• Brayden tried out basketball and we think he likes it – dad is going to coach his team in January 2007:)
• Both of the boys had fun playing baseball – Taylor’s played on the 10yr All Star Team, they placed 4th and had an awesome time!
• We enjoyed some camping trips in our travel trailer to Indian Creek and Olympia.
• We froze at Silverwood Theme Park – AGAIN! But we still had fun:)
• Taylor went on his first week long church camp to Ghormley Meadows and LOVED it!!!
• Lance coaches the boys in almost everything they do and Kirsten is the schedule coordinator:)
• Brayden has earned up to his purple belt in Tae Kwon Do – so far! Only 5 more belts to go until BLACK!
• Brayden earned a huge 1st place trophy for a team challenge at his Tae Kwon Do!!
• Hayleigh loves to play with her friends and watch her brothers do everything
• Hayleigh enjoys gymnastics and going to preschool with her friends
• Lance and Kirsten are blessed with very caring and supportive small group bible study groups that they meet with weekly.
• We have enjoyed all of the Chinese celebrations with several other families in the area that have adopted.
To end the year--- we will be re-adopting Hayleigh on her Birthday (December 8th) – this will officially change her name in the U.S. and give her a United States Birth Certificate which will then allow us to be able to get her a passport etc…

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