Friday, December 08, 2006


This is a day that has been bitter sweet for us since Hayleigh came into our lives. We celebrate this day because it is the day that Hayleigh was born but it is also the day that she was abandoned by her birth mother - many times i think of the deep heart ache that her birth mother must have felt and it saddens me. However, we now have another reason to really celebrate this special day! Today we re adopted Hayleigh!!! And now through the American court system she is ours!!! She was ours on Sept. 19th 2005 in China and now on Dec. 8th 2006 in America!! We will soon be getting an American birth certificate with her American name and ours listed as parents!!! We are so excited that it worked out for us to be able to re adopt her on her birthday!!! What a Blessing<><

And... Hayleigh's very good friend Delanie was readopted on the same day!!

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